Vilamoura is a very touristic destination in the Algarve. It is known by its luxury resorts, wonderful beaches, beautiful golf courts and by its huge Marina where you can spend such a good time enjoying a delicious meal at one of the restaurants or simply by walking around and being astonished by the impressive yachts that fill the Marina.

There are so many different attractions that the difficult part is to pick which one of them you would like to experience!

The options go from practicing the most fun Water Sports, joining the Tennis or the Golf Clubs, spending nights at the Casino, spending a day at the Water Parks or enjoying a cocktail at one of the pubs.

During the Summer season you don’t want to miss the incredible sunset that happens on Praia da Falésia beach, and the possibility to experience one of those vibrating sunset parties at beach clubs around it. You will be literally stepping in the sand and just a few meters away from the sea!

During the night you can enjoy a magnificent meal at one of the restaurants around the Marina, followed by a night out at the Casino, or if you prefer you can go for some cocktails at one of the clubs and pubs around. We are sure that you will always find those that really suit your own taste.

Vilamoura is a place where you want to spend your entire holidays. Where fun, food and beaches will never be enough!


Marina de Vilamoura

marina de vilamoura

Vilamoura’s Marina is known by its amazing yachts, luxurious cars, and the best pubs and restaurants in Vilamoura. A place that you can experience from the early daylight through the night.

It’s a place where you can shop around and chill in one of the lounges around the place.

In case that you are felling that you need a bit of an adrenaline rush you should practice some water sports or join on a boat trip!

If you are looking for a nice place to spend your evening, Marina is just the right place for you!

From dozens of restaurants and pubs around, its guaranteed that you going to have fun and enjoy one of the best nights of your life!

If you are feeling lucky you have the Vilamoura’s Casino, the biggest casino in the Algarve which is right in the corner of the Marina.

In case you want to party until late, there are some nightclubs where you can dance until dawn.


Cerro da Vila


The Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila is a place that you must visit while in Vilamoura.

It represents a perfect contrast between the fancy Marina de Vilamoura and the past remains from what it used to be in ancient times.

The Roman Ruins show what is left from a place that has been occupied since more than 2000 years ago from all different civilizations, such as the Romans, the Visigoths and the Arabs.

The main economic activity that the Romans developed in there was the production of garum that was a form of fermented fish that was sold around the Roman Empire.

You can also visit the museum that is filled with antiques and ancient artifacts.


Praia da Falésia

praia da falesia

Praia da Falésia is located on the right corner of the Marina. This beach can get really crowed during the summer times, but the good point is that the sand covers a very large area, so it will be easy to find your perfect spot.

You can ride a jet ski or let yourself be pulled by a boat while you try to keep with your balance on top of an inflatable banana.

The deep blue water contrasts with the golden sand to produce one of the most beautiful sunsets that you can see in your life.

Around the beach there are some beach bars and restaurants where you can dance and drink ice-cold cocktails while you enjoy the sunset parties!




The best place to bring your kids to spend a day full of fun and joy in this family centered Water Park.

It’s considered by many as the best Water Park in Algarve, with the tallest water slides for those who dare to try it!

Here you can have fun trying the biggest Free Fall in Europe, inaugurated by the surfer Garrett McNamara, or trying Aquashow‘s own RollerCoster.

We guarantee that you and your kids will have such a great time!


Golf Courts in Vilamoura

Golf Vilamoura

Vilamoura is not only known by its impressive Marina but also by its amazing Golf Courses.

Vilamoura has five Golf Courses which belong to Dom Pedro Golf:

Victoria Golf Course

The Old Course

Millenium Golf Course

Pinhal Golf Course

Laguna Golf Course

Book your transfer from your accommodation to the courts with us!

We would love to take you and all your golf equipment there!

A few minutes away from Vilamoura you will find Vila Sol Golf & Resort with amazing Golf Courts, Restaurants and a Social Area.

Take notice that besides the incredible landscape that those courts provide, they are also usually pretty good spots for bird watching since it constitutes a protective and natural environment for them to live.


Nightlife in Vilamoura


Vilamoura since the beginning has been very well known by its crazy nightlife.

Being one of the main touristic spots in the Algarve, specially during the summer time, it’s a place where you can party everyday of the week or you can just chill out listening to a live music show at one of the pubs. If you are feeling more of a relaxed mood, you can walk around the Marina while you taste a delicious ice cream.

The entire place is covered with fancy restaurants that offer foods from all the different parts of the world, with an amazing view to the yachts.

At Marina‘s left corner you can find the Casino. Vilamoura’s Casino is the biggest one in the Algarve and it also has a nightclub downstairs called DICE Club.

Durring Summer Time there are always big partys happening around at the Beach Bars or Night Clubs. The biggest partys take place at the two biggest Discos around, BLISS Vilamoura and LICK (the biggest Disco in the Algarve), where you can party until early morning!

These Discos are located around 7 km away from Vilamoura’s Marina and in between Vilamoura and Albufeira.

If you want to go party and you are in need of transportation don’t worry we will take you there