Faro is the capital of the Algarve and it’s also the closest city from the Faro Airport.

We recomend that you pick your transfer directly from the Airport to Faro and stay there for a couple days in order to experience what the city has to offer.

This city contains different aspects that can enrich yours holidays, from tasting its delicious food to visit its incredible beach.

The oldtown is full of history since Faro has been occupied by Romans, Visigoths and Arabs which gives the city a very destinguish culture, very different from other parts of Portugal

Experience the city market where you can buy the freshest fish and all kinds of products from local producers.

Another amazing aspect is the fact that the city is surrounded by Ria Formosa, one of the best places to spot birds, fishing or simply join on a boat trip to one of the islands located around the Ria Formosa.

In the opposite direction Faro is covered by Hills where you can find the historical village of Estoi and where you can enjoy a beautiful landcape at one of the places around there.

Faro has a cool and vibrating nightlife scene with a couple of different options, so it won’t be hard to pick your favorite spot.

During summer time the Festa da Ria Formosa occurs, and you have the opportunity to try out every different seafood prepared on every typical Portuguese way. A must try!

For shopping you should go either to Forum Algarve or Mar Shopping once those are the biggest shopping-malls around.

The best part about Faro has to be the Praia de Faro, which is a beach located near to Faro Aiport that constitutes by a long thin layer of sand with a single road in the middle, covered with small houses, restaurants and a nautic sports center.


Praia de Faro

praia de faro

Just a few kilometers away from Faro, you will discover this beautiful beach called Praia de Faro, known for its incredible long beach shore, deep blue sea water, and amazing vibe.

In order to get to this piece of paradise you will need to cross a bridge since the beach is surrounded by the sea and Ria Formosa.

It’s also very close to Faro Airport, book your trip with us and you will be swiming at the ocean as soon as your airplane lands!

At Praia de Faro you can practice surf, beach volleyball and many others beach sports.

You will be able to spend your day at the beach since there are lots of Restaurants and Beach Bars around the place.

If you pretend to stay longer you can find plenty accomodation from Hostels to Guesthouses or you can simply rent a family house.


Cidade Velha

Faro’s oldtown is a neighborhood that remains inside the old city walls.

Some of the most iconic buildings are located in there, such as the Faro Sé Cathedral, the Faro City Hall and the Faro Museum.

Cidade Velha shows signs of all the different civilizations that once lived there, since the ancient times.

From the Romans, Arabs to Portuguese influence the contrast is evidente around the city and you can spot those marks while you walk around the old city area.

If you feel hungry we recommend that you try Algarve’s tradicional food at one of the restaurants in the area.

If you would love to learn more about Portuguese History and Culture don’t miss this opportunity and book your trip with us in order to experience this amazing place.



Ria Formosa

Ria Formosa is a salty river that covers a large area between Quinta do Lago to Vila Real de Santo António.

The Ria contains a vast number of small Islands that act like natural barriers to the sea.

Some of these islands are habitated and those people relly on tourism, fishing and seafoodfarming to provide for their families.

Ria Formosa National Park is an area that covers 170 km² where activities like fishing, hunting or any others that can cause harm to the natural habitat are foorbidden in this area.

The fact that the natural enveryoment is preserved it turns into one of the best spots in terms of birdwatching, since its also a stopping place for hundreds of birds.

Some of those birds are endangerous species such as the Galinha Sultana.

Ria Formosa consitutes one of the few places where you can spot those, the Galinha Sultana is literally the symbol of Ria Formosa National Park.



palacio de estoi

Estoi is a traditional portuguese village that is located a few kilometers away from Faro.

The village belongs to the rural part of Algarve covered around by farms and surrounded by the hills of Serra do Monte Figo.

There is a lot to visit. Places like Palácio de Estoi, the São Martinho Church and Ruinas de Milreu.

Palácio de Estoi is a palace that was built in the 19th century being only monument that shows Rokoko architectural style in Algarve.

The gardens that cover the palace are impressive and the rooms are filled with beautiful oil paintings and statues around the place.

Nowadays  Palácio de Estoi turned into a Small Luxury Hotel where you can stay and enjoy the magnificient Spa.

Ruinas de Milreu are part of a ruined Roman Village that is dated from the first century.

Those are known from its ancient Roman Spas, the Temple, the mocaic panels and the Roman Villa.

A bit up north of Estoi starts the hills of Serra Algarvia, a beautiful landscape with lots of beautiful sightspots.


Nighlife in Faro

Faro Nightlife

Faro’s nighlife happens mostly around the downtown part of the city so its easy for you to move from one place to another.

Faro offers a broad variety of restaurants and bars where you can taste a delicious meal or try an amazing signature cocktail made by the best bartenders, at Columbus Bar.

If you feeling that you want to stay out longer there is also a couple of places that close at 4:00 am and offer a different music type and a different vibe. In case that you prefer a live music show there’s places like Piper’s Irish pub where you can enjoy your cocktail at the rooftop, one of the best places in Faro.

For those who just can’t stop partying there are a couple nightclubs that stay open until 6:00 like Twice DISCO where you can join for one last drink or spend the entire night partying with your friends.

If your stay in Faro during September you can not miss Festival F which is a festival that takes place inside Faro Old City walls.

At Festival F you will experience lots of different music concerts, art presentations and workshops, tasty food and lots of beer! During three days expect to have lots of fun!